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Policy due for cancellation

08.10.2019 14:18 #1
Hey guys

My car insurance is with Liberty and it is through Chill. I've been away the past month for work travel abroad. My monthly direct debit was missed etc and the policy is due for cancellation tomorrow.

Chill were able to move to the 12th, but I just won't be able to pay for this date.

Is there any way around these? The 'financiers' can't budge on it apparently.

Other than that - if I paid for the rest of the year in one-go would they maybe move the goalposts a little?

Not sure about what other alternatives I have. (yes I know I left it until last minute - I was away and car insurance was the last thing on my mind)

Thank you!
08.10.2019 15:39 #2
Hi TippCashel, can you DM me with your policy details so I can check this for you. Lisa
09.10.2019 08:20 #3
Hey Lisa

Sending over details now

10.10.2019 12:17 #4
Hey Lisa

Just making sure the PM actually sent to you?

Not sure if my post count needs to be higher maybe

Thank you
10.10.2019 12:36 #5
Hi TippCashel, I'm just checking the query for you at the minute. Lisa
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