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BBC Sounds not playing

27.09.2019 12:47 #1
Hi. I have a Moto G5.

BBC Sounds will not connect while on mobile data. It will on house wifi.

BBC Sounds is not geolocked like the TV content.

No issue connecting to any other websites.

Is there a solution to make it work while on tesco mobile internet?
27.09.2019 17:36 #2
Hi dashcamdanny,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry to hear about this. Please send us a PM here and we'll certainly check this for you!

Just to let you know, if you need an instant reply, you can also contact us through the service "Chat Now" from our website, where you can speak live with an agent.

Many Thanks,
30.09.2019 15:20 #3
This really beggers belief !!

A FOUR page thread less than a week old (with its last post) exists here:-

And what to TM do? Helpfully direct the customer to it? Not on your life !!

No, they yet again whip it to PM.

@dashcamdanny , have a read of the thread I linked to.
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