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24-hour ESB Networks meter x NightSaver one

05.09.2019 14:16 #1
Hi guys in my old house I used to have a a NightSaver meter and  was nice because I have to different rates 1 for night another one for day.

now i have: 24-hour ESB Networks meter ,

my question is: is this 24hour one will make my eletricity be more expensive?

do I have to pay to ask ESB to change to the night saver one?

thank you.
05.09.2019 16:13 #2
Verified representative
Hi douglasdeodato,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The 24-hour unit rate is actually lower than the day rate for the NightSaver meter, so your bill would only go up if the majority of your usage is during the night rate hours (the night rate is significantly lower than the day rate with a NightSaver meter, and the night rate hours are in effect from midnight until 9am until the end of October, then 11pm until 8am until the end of March).

There is no cost to swap the 24-hour meter to a NightSaver one, however there is a cost to change back from NightSaver to 24-hour.

The NightSaver is most beneficial for customers with storage heating or an electric vehicle that is charged through the night.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Kind regards,
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05.09.2019 18:17 #3
was really helpful, thank you very much.
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06.09.2019 11:09 #4
Verified representative
Hi douglasdeodato, 

Thanks for your post.

You are very welcome - we're happy to advise.

Kind regards,
11.09.2019 21:45 #5
Please be aware that day time units cost more when you have a night saver meter fitted. If your night time consumption is low you may end up paying more overall.
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