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Return of money from Electric Ireland to my bank accunt

30.08.2019 10:43 #1

I DM'd you this morning with the full story of my problem. Can you confirm you are looking into my issue

Many thanks

30.08.2019 12:43 #2
Verified representative
Hi Eamonn,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We have replied to your private message.

Kind regards,
01.09.2019 10:08 #3
I am so frustrated with the level of competency and honesty that Electric Ireland Customer Service have provided me over the past 3 weeks. I have rung them 5 times, on the last 3 occasions, I have had long conversations with each agent, providing my bank details, being reassured "yes, it's on the system, you will have your money in 3-4 days". My last phone call was 45 minutes on 20th August, and I said to the agent " if I put the phone down now, what confidence do I have that you have put everything in place to progress the return of my money".

They essentially block you from talking to a supervisor, saying it would 'take too long to put you through, they are busy'.

I came on here on Friday, as I have found the company reps on Boards have often been very helpful. I posted a DM just before 8 am with the whole scenario, was asked to provide personal data for GDPR at 12.30pm, and at 5.30pm just before closing, was told by Una to ring Customer Services - they don't have my bank details!!

It's like Groundhog Day. Nobody acknowledges that I have provided the information 3 times already!!! Something isn't working. No one is taking ownership to even escalate to the next level up to find a resolution.

What is even the point of me ringing them tomorrow for the SIXTH time?

€600 is a lot of money to me right now.

Last edited by Yam1960: 01.09.2019 at 10:11.
02.09.2019 10:12 #4
So this morning I have a letter in the post (dated 27th Aug) from Electric Ireland - Direct Debit Confirmation. 

It has:-

Contract Acct Number
Electric Ireland Creditor ID
Unique Mandate Ref

and my IBAN number.

So seems like they have me on the system!

Una - you told me on Friday they did not have my bank details - this letter was dated 27th August!

However I had a similar letter over 2 weeks ago. The fact I am on the system seems to be immaterial, as I am entering the 4th week of no money returned.

Why cant an Accounts/Credit Control supervisor ring me to sort this out and confirm that the Electronic Transfer has been made?

02.09.2019 12:10 #5
Verified representative
Hi Eamonn,

We are so sorry. We understand your unhappiness.

All customer queries on our social media channels (, Facebook, Twitter) go into a queue, and we respond to them as soon as possible. It can take a matter of hours, however we nearly always reply on the same day (the next working day at the latest).

We wish to reassure that customers are not blocked from speaking to supervisors, however it is not always possible to transfer the customer to a supervisor on the same call, so a call-back is arranged.

We will send you a private message here shortly.

Kind regards,
02.09.2019 19:26 #6
So this evening I can report that I have been contacted and a manager has looked into the errors that have exacerbated my situation. I hopefully will hear tomorrow if a payment has been made to my bank.

Maybe the end is in sight.

05.09.2019 09:49 #7

I am happy to report, that after a manager took on my case and investigated the problem, I have now had my money returned. It was a tedious experience to say the least, but I am glad social media platforms like this, allow a way to find other support and interventions to solve problems/issues.


1 thank
05.09.2019 11:51 #8
Verified representative
Hi Eamonn,

Apologies again, however thank you for posting your update. We are glad to have helped.

Kind regards,
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