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New Vulnerable Customer Unit

04.07.2019 11:38 #1
Hi all,


We are delighted to announce the set up of  our new Vulnerable Customer Unit (VCU). Our dedicated team will be available to give extra support to customers facing challenging circumstances, including age-related or cognitive impairment, financial abuse, illness, and addiction, or life events such as separation and divorce.


The unit is aimed at improving the financial well-being and support of our vulnerable customers and providing guidance to our branch and digital staff enabling our customers and colleagues to thrive.

You can find out more here


Any questions please feel free to post and we'll be happy to help

Many thanks,
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05.08.2019 15:31 #2
Hi Kat
. My dad has an account with BOI letterkenny for many years. He lives in the North of Ireland. Just recently and more by accident it has come to attention that a member of the family has now added name to account as joint account holder with dad having had mums name removed. Dad has alzeimers and has absolutely no recollection he even has this account never mind changing status on account. These changes have been made fairly recently and we are at our wits end. It's too late for lasting power of attorney, we must apply to courts which can take up to 12 months. Also, all dads other bank accounts have been handed over to their Legal Department as this member of family has tried to access them unlawfully in dads earlier stages of alzeimers having removed a 3rd party mandate form from bank premises and getting elderly alzeimers parents to sign - both diagnosed. Can you suggest what avenue to take. We do not want any access to this account nor any financial details. We want to know when this change was made as the family member is adamant it was many years ago. Dad has no correspondence either for account, it may now be redirected.
06.08.2019 10:59 #3
Hi Afarren868,

We really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch and check this with us.

We're sorry to hear of your recent situation and would like the opportunity to look into this for you. Is it okay for us to send you a private message here?

Many thanks,
21.08.2019 11:53 #4
Will the VCU operate in Northern Ireland?
21.08.2019 14:29 #5
Hi Gr1980,

Thanks for reaching out to us here about this.

We absolutely have a Vulnerable Customer Unit for our customers in NI and UK. Our customer service are available for all customer queries and our VCU will be there to give extra support and guidance.

I hope this helps answer your query.

Many thanks,
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13.05.2020 12:05 #6
Registered User
Hi,I have an issue that the VCU may be able to help with. I'd rather not post the details publicly. Would it be possible for somebody to PM me on boards please.??
13.05.2020 12:09 #7
Hi papac

Thanks for getting in touch with us here.

Yes, certainly going to PM you now for further details to help you.

Many thanks
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