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Sim card wihtin alarm System

20.06.2019 14:03 #1
Registered User
I have a bill pay account with vodafone for personal phone use.

I also have a pre pay sim card installed in an alarm system at home, I top this up every so often to keep it going. I had the app downloaded and was able to check balance an top up through this. For some reason the app crashed and I got kicked out and asked to log in again... only issue is I cannot recall the password! Its very difficult to reset as texting the sim card a link is no use as it is in my alarm, and if I try to reset using my email address it automatically thinks I'm trying to reset my bill pay personal phone account.

Any ideas? Thanks
20.06.2019 15:27 #2
Hi there,
We can take a further look into this if you could please send us the below details.

Mobile number:
Date of birth:
A link to this thread:

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