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4G roaming not working

20.06.2019 07:42 #1

I’m currently in Lanzarote and 4G is not working on my iPhone XS Max. All the phone settings are correct- roaming on, 4G enabled for voice and data. I’m also in an area that 4G is available and I’m connected to “Vodafone ES”.

RED Roaming is on. The same thing happened to me a year ago in Portugal - the max I was getting was 3G.

Other members of the party who are also with Vodafone are getting 4G and they have an iPhone SE and an iPhone 6. The only difference with them is they are on a business plan and I am not.

My plan is Red Connect Super so it should work abroad.

I’ve googled the issue and notice some Vodafone UK customers had the same issue of not getting 4G when roaming in certain countries.

Anyone else experience the same issue abroad and how was it fixed as I’ve tried everything from my end.
20.06.2019 11:23 #2
Hi there,
We are sorry to hear this. If you could please send us a PM with the below details we can take a further look into this for you.

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