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Cannot connect to network

19.07.2019 18:40 #16
Registered User
"Chat Now" requires me to log on and wait for approximately 2 hours for a "Live Chat". Is that a serious suggestion on your behalf ?

I already had a Live Chat which took 2 hours to initiate and did nothing for my problem (a problem which seems to be plaguing Tesco Mobile).

I repeat are you serious about Live Chat and if so I suggest you try it yourself and hang around for a few hours waiting........

BTW Phone still not sending or receiving, that's roughly 10 days of this since switching to Tesco.

Live Chat, sure........
19.07.2019 18:41 #17
Registered User
Originally posted by Tesco Mobile: Caitlin
Hi spyrogyro,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry to hear about this issue. Can you please send us a here with your details and we'll certainly take a look at this for you!

Just to let you know, if you need an instant reply, you can also contact us through the service "Chat Now" from our website, where you can speak live with an agent.

Many thanks,

I've already P.M. ed my details to yourselves..... What is going on here.
19.07.2019 19:43 #18
Registered User
o.k. I've done as requested and removed and reinserted the SIM Card and I still do not have that option listed in the SIM Toolkit App. This Sim Toolkit APP on my phone has no cogwheel nor Tesco associated with it. It is merely listed as SIM TOOLKIT.

I was without the ability to make/receive calls and texts again today for most of the day.

I literally can't spend much longer messing about with this. There is either a fix or there isn't. For most of the month by months end having changed to Tesco Mobile I will have been without the ability to make /receive calls and texts.

I will be left with no option other than to switch provider. This is not acceptable at all.
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