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Direct debit date change

23.05.2019 14:43 #1
I’m a new customer and I only just received my first post correspondence from EI today. It’s a confirmation of my DD set-up. I just realised I was never given an option to choose the date for it (or I might have overlooked it during registration) - how can I check what date is it set to atm and change it to suitable date if needs be?
23.05.2019 15:16 #2
Verified representative
Hi Yurikko33,

Thank you for choosing Electric Ireland.

An electricity or gas bill from Electric Ireland is not issued on a set date, just at approximately the same time every second month. Meter-readers from ESB Networks and Gas Networks Ireland read the meters in a district (or calculate estimates) and send this information to Electric Ireland and other billing companies. The bills are issued then. The billing companies need to wait until they receive these details before they can issue the bills.

An individual direct debit date can be changed per bill to one that suits the customer if they get in contact with Electric Ireland as soon as they receive their bill.

There is also the option of the Equaliser - a set amount collected every month by direct debit on a date of the customer's choosing between the 1st and 28th of the month (inclusive). For electricity, a minimum of two scheduled bills (both based on meter-readings) need to be received by the customer before they can set up Equaliser. This consumption information is used to calculate what the amount of their Equaliser will be. It is subject to review every year also, and if the customer's usage is lower than what they pay every month, their Equaliser will be reduced the next year. If the customer's usage is higher than what they pay every month, their Equaliser will be adjusted upwards following the yearly review.

As the amount is the same every month, this inevitably means under-paying in the winter, but over-paying in the summer, so the two balance each other out.

Further information here on the Electric Ireland website regarding Equaliser.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
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