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Moving from Bord Gais

21.05.2019 15:01 #1
Registered User

I'm looking to move from Bord Gais for electricity and gas. However the previous owner has a pre pay gas meter, what are our options here?
21.05.2019 17:07 #2
Hi rsl1976,

Thanks for your interest in Electric Ireland.

To switch PAYG gas supply, just telephone Electric Ireland Customer Service on 1850 372 372 or 01 8529534 with the GPRN (gas point reference number) if you have it. There is no discount for PAYG gas - the cost will just change to the Electric Ireland unit rate and standing charge. Nothing has to be done with the gas meter or card though. These are universal.

If you wish to change from PAYG gas to billing, the PAYG gas meter has to be removed by Gas Networks Ireland (no matter which billing company it is registered with, or which company the supply is being switched to) and this incurs a charge for the Gas Networks Ireland work, of approximately €200.

Switching both electricity and gas to Electric Ireland and paying by direct debit entitles the customer to a €200 bonus credit, applied to their electricity account at the beginning. There is also an 8% saving off the units used on every bill.

Switching just the electricity for payment by direct debit entitles the customer to €150 credit, and a 5% saving off the units used on every bill.

You can switch online.

Let us know if you have follow-up questions.

Best regards,
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26.06.2019 15:35 #3
My advice is dont move
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