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Nest v3 problem

14.05.2019 06:51 #1

I got a Nest installed by Electric Ireland last year.

All has been working fine until recently. Sometimes the hot water does not come as scheduled at 06:30. I’ve done resets and restarts and set up schedules again but it still seems to happen randomly.

This morning at 06:42 the app said the hot water was off. I checked the boiler and it was off. Then I went to check the thermostat itself. As soon as I approached it and it woke up, the boiler fired and the app said the hot water was on until 07:30 as scheduled.

Have you come across this before? Can you please advise?

14.05.2019 09:59 #2
Hi nialldinho,

Sorry to read this.

We recommend speaking to Nest themselves and if they advise that the matter relates to the installation by Electric Ireland, contact the dedicated Electric Ireland Home Services team on 1850 372 333.

Best regards,
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