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03.05.2019 16:15 #1
isnt it ironic how you are so proud to be part of the walk from the dark in to light for homeless but yet keep me in the dark by not reconnecting me

you disconnected me last tuesday(my own fault admittedly) and even though i have since paid my my bill to get reconnected you have now left my without a connection for the whole bank holiday weekend 

my son(6) suffers with cystic fibrosis and you couldnt care less and showed zero compassion for my situation 

thanks electric ireland 
03.05.2019 16:29 #2
Hi Fireblade1000,

We can escalate this for you.

It is likely due to availability of ESB Networks technicians close to the weekend, but we will do our best to have it looked into if you private message us the relevant Electric Ireland account number, stating for GDPR/Data Protection that you are the account-holder, and confirming your address and telephone number.

We are here on our social media channels until 6pm and will try to be as quick as possible.

03.05.2019 16:47 #3
Just to add: if you do not have your account number to hand, just confirm your date of birth instead, along with all of the other details as per above.

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