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Energy Efficiency Incentive Scheme - New Build

14.03.2019 11:14 #1

I am building a new house at the moment. I am eligible for the Energy Efficiency Incentive Scheme?

Its an ICF house so has insulation on the outside and inside already.
The roof will be insulated aswell
Getting triple glazed windows
Air to Water heat pump with under floor heating
Mechanical heat recovery system

Is this a one off scheme with the credits from yourselves or is it annual?
I am getting the work carried out by contractors.


14.03.2019 12:59 #2
Hi housebuild,

Thank you for getting in touch.

To avail of the Energy Efficiency incentive, the Electric Ireland customer just needs to arrange to have the work carried out by one of Electric Ireland's partner contractors, which will then contact Electric Ireland about the credit for their mutual customer. This credit is subsequently applied to the customer's Electric Ireland account to cover that much worth of billing.

You can find out more, including the list of partners, on this page of the Electric Ireland website.

More information here also, and here.

Best regards,
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