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12.03.2019 13:25 #1
I read, eg from Irish Times Jan 17th, that smart meters are already being installed and that domestic consumers can make a request for a smart meter to be installed as a priority.  I have my own solar panel microgenerator, and am very keen to have a smart meter installed which will provide information on both import of electricity and export of electricity that I have generated myself.   I want this because I know that a microgeneration bill is at its third stage in Oireachtas and may become law before the end of this year.  I believe that I will need to have a Smart meter installed to benefit from this.   I can find no information at all on smart meter roll out on the Electric Ireland website.   There is not much on ESB either, and a direct email question to ESB resulted in a variety of useless and outdated responses.  I look forward to hearing what Electric Ireland has to say in response to my question.
Last edited by Mark: 12.03.2019 at 15:29.
12.03.2019 15:22 #2
Hi there,

ESB became ESB Networks (infrastructure) and ESB Customer Supply (billing) in 2004. Then when the electricity market was deregulated in 2011, ESB Customer Supply became Electric Ireland, operating in the provider market alongside the other billing and PAYG companies.

As a billing company, we must advise that Electric Ireland does not have information on the smart meter roll-out - this is an ESB Networks operation and they are working alongside the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).

If you have an Electric Ireland billing query in the future, do let us know here.

Best regards,
12.03.2019 16:26 #3
Please tell me who in ESB Networks I can contact for information on the smart meter rollout.

12.03.2019 17:58 #4
Hi there,

I'm afraid we do not have that information as we have no involvement with the process.

The relevant telephone number for ESB Networks is 1850 372 757 and they are on Twitter and Facebook.

Best regards,
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