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Meter reading not registered on my account

12.03.2019 11:43 #1
Registered User
I submitted a gas meter reading online yesterday and it has not “saved” to my readings list despite receiving a “thank you for submitting your meter reading” message. Prior to submitting my reading, latest “reading” on my account is for 7th - 25th March, reading is 0 and “Type” is blank. After submitting my reading there is no change, my reading has not been saved. Why is this?
12.03.2019 13:18 #2

Thank you for getting in touch.

A gas meter-reading has to be sent by the billing company to Gas Networks Ireland, which takes a number of working days to process before it is sent back to the billing company. The other message you are seeing indicates that it is during the billing cycle for your scheduled gas bill, so your meter-reading may not be processed at this point and instead you could receive a scheduled read bill or a scheduled estimate.

The best time to send in a meter-reading is just after receiving a scheduled estimate. The reading will be used to cancel the estimate.

If you would like us to review the account also, just private message us the Electric Ireland account number in question, stating that you are the account-holder and confirming your name, address and date of birth.

We will review as soon as possible.

Thanks again,
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