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Transactions disappearing from account statement on app?

12.03.2019 10:55 #1
Noticed that some transactions (ingoing and outgoing) have disappeared from statement in app and balance seems to be incorrect, seems to have started in last day or two, is this a known problem?
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12.03.2019 11:05 #2
Registered User
same happening here .
12.03.2019 11:52 #3
Looks like some outgoing transactions been charged twice, others gone out and then come back, no records of any of this statement so very hard to know what is going on
12.03.2019 14:03 #4
Same happening for me. 

Payments that had been pending have now disappeared, account balance showing on app doesn't tie in with the transactions which are showing.
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12.03.2019 14:18 #5
Yeah, happening to me too. 4 or so transactions missing from Friday and balance boosted as a result.

Strange that we haven’t had a response yet. There are reps online and this seems like a serious problem.
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12.03.2019 14:41 #6
It's worrying alright.

With this, and the other limitations of their online systems (viewing mortgages online, e-statements) you would have to wonder about their IT overall.
12.03.2019 15:32 #7
Registered User
I just rang them and was told they are working on the issue and hope to have it resolved today. Can't confirm correct balances
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12.03.2019 16:12 #8
Originally posted by rsl1976
Can't confirm correct balances

That is shocking, to be honest.
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12.03.2019 19:08 #9
It's back to normal now but the communication from KBC has been pathetic.
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