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KBC App crashing

13.03.2019 12:29 #16
I've tried re-installing. After I enter my new pin to set up the app I get "an error has occurred, please contact the helpdesk"
13.03.2019 13:56 #17
I've cracked the app! 

It's working now: when you have your screen there are 3 circles (1 larger and 2 smaller one), balance, transfer and details. They are meant to be swiped not tapped! Try this: put your finger onto the small circles or your balance amount, quick swipe from left to right and back the left again without lifting the fingertip. While swiping the transfer and details small one, try to swipe short-ish, it doesn't need a big movement.

For those who uninstalled and deleted the data from the app. You need an another phone with ANY version of the KBC app or the physical keypad (I don't have this but I suppose it will do as well) in order to login into ONLINE banking. Select security tab, deactivate the phone you have trouble with (as mentioned before) then you'll have the option to add a new device (no more than 2 can be active at all time) and it will give you the activation code!

You won't be able to get your phone registered in the app (in case of uninstallation or deleted data), it has to options: 1. you are asked to type in your details, it throws you "resctricted wi-fi, network, etc." error, you are stuck, 2. mobile ID and activation code, you are stuck again as won't have your code until you have requested in your ONLINE ACCOUNT.
Hope it helps! :-)

(I got 5 years older while trying to figure this out, my head was fried during the process, especially thinking of my what's your favourite colour question I have 4 doing the rounds in my mind.)
Last edited by padyjoe: 13.03.2019 at 14:05. Reason: giving more pointers
13.03.2019 14:13 #18
Update: I called KBC and customer service re-registered my app on their end and now it works. I think the whole problem started when I began to use the app on two separate devices. A bug on their end imho
13.03.2019 14:15 #19
Registered User
I thought it was me, something happened in the last week alright the app works but within the app touch is almost unresponsive several taps or long tap needed to get stuff to work
13.03.2019 14:18 #20
Registered User
Read the post re swiping and using 2 fingers to tap I can see the transaction history 4/5 times a single finger works 1/10 if even.
20.03.2019 13:53 #21
Registered User
Any update on this? I've installed the app on an Android 7/Nougat tablet and it works as normal but on my Android 9/Pie phone its very unresponsive and take several taps to open details, transactions etc. I've deleted from the phone and reinstalled but its the same on re installation.
21.03.2019 18:13 #22
Registered User
My android 8 is a bit sluggish in response today and for the past while opening details
21.03.2019 18:30 #23
Registered User
Originally posted by AskKBC: Dean
Hi guys,

Thank you for your posts. We are not aware of any issues for android users on our end with the app. If you would like to PM me your contact number I can have one of our customer service agents call you to investigate or alternatively you can call us anytime on 1800 93 92 44.


Maybe check the reviews on The Google Play store...
1 thank
21.03.2019 19:49 #24
Registered User
Wow just read the reviews they're describing exactly the issues we're all facing here. Are KBC even going to respond here?
28.03.2019 09:48 #25
Registered User
Originally posted by padyjoe
On Nougat. 
Transfers and Details buttons not working, have tap and swipe them crazy for a good few seconds to bring the history up. After the cache delele it's the same.

So something must be on your side. Previous update worked straight out of box. Not everyone on the latest android. Thank you!

Same issue for me on Android Pie, the behavior is the same, and it started randomly with no changes on my part (I still tried to reinstall the app).
Just to confirm, out of 5 people I know they're using the app, only one is not being affected.

KBC has to be aware of this.
02.04.2019 22:23 #26
Same problem here with the app.

Can't login into my account.

Help kbc please?
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