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Extraordinary Night Heat bill

10.03.2019 08:47 #1
Registered User
Flabbergasted by my most recent bill!
Apparently I have used 4587 Night Heat units in a 68 day period. This is a more than fivefold increase on my normal Winter usage. The meter reading seems to be correct so I must suspect that something has gone awry with the meter.
If I PM you my account details could you check this for me and suggest a remedy?

11.03.2019 10:11 #2

Thank you for getting in touch.

If you private message us the Electric Ireland account number in question, stating that you are the account-holder and confirming your name, address and date of birth, we will look into this for you as soon as possible.

Thanks again,
13.03.2019 16:03 #3
Registered User
Awaiting a response to my follow-up PM of yesterday.
18.04.2019 08:54 #4
Registered User
As instructed, I rang Customer Service on 01 8529534 and arranged for a service order to be sent to ESB Networks. I'm still waiting and the meter is still giving extraordinarily high readings. Unimpressed.
18.04.2019 09:29 #5
Hi MHP, 

We regret to read this. 

Normally what happens in these cases, is that the service order is sent to ESB Networks and they then contact the customer for the appointment. ESB Networks maintain the electricity network for all suppliers. 

When did you speak with Customer Service? ESB Networks usually contact the customer within a few working days. If you wish you can contact ESB Networks directly to check on the status. Their contact number is 1850 372 757 or 021 238655.

 If you like, we can check that everything is in order on our side. We just need you to reconfirm your account details by private message. 

Last edited by Electric Ireland: Aoife: 18.04.2019 at 09:47.
18.04.2019 12:50 #6
Registered User
I spoke to Customer Service on, or shortly after, March 13th. Please do find out what happened or, rather, didn't happen. Account details sent via PM.
29.04.2019 17:35 #7
Registered User
Still nothing.
30.04.2019 10:28 #8

We have sent a private message to you.

Best regards,
16.05.2019 11:52 #9
Registered User
Another month passes. No call from ESB Networks.
16.05.2019 13:54 #10
Hi MHP, 

We have sent you a private message.

Best regards,
16.05.2019 15:19 #11
Registered User
I have just had a letter from the Head of Sales & Service asking me to ring Electric Ireland yet again. So I have now done that and I have again been assured (this is the third time) that a service order has been sent to ESB Networks. We shall see. I'll probably be here in another month's time to moan and fume.
16.05.2019 17:23 #12

We are unable to advise as to when ESB Networks will be in touch - they will be as soon as possible though.

To have the account checked in case there is an update, contact us by private message any time.

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