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SIM\Account disabled?

09.03.2019 15:50 #1
Registered User

I got a SIM last year and topped it up to try the 4g service.

It didn't work as well as I expected (constant dropouts in Dublin) so no other choice but to use a different provider.

I now want to retry Tesco to see if things have improved.

Afaikr I had some credit left on my account.

I have inserted the SIM into my phone and have signal bars.
However I cannot login online.
Also when I call the number a message says the number cannot accept calls.

Is the SIM/account disabled?
And can it be reactivated?

11.03.2019 09:26 #2
Hi biebiebie,  

Thanks for getting in touch.

Please send us a private message here with the phone number, your full name, address and mother's maiden name and we can check this out for you.

11.03.2019 09:58 #3
Registered User
PM sent with the requested info.
11.03.2019 11:16 #4
Hi biebiebie,

We have just got back to your PM. Feel free to respond at your own convenience should you need any further assistance.

11.03.2019 12:43 #5
Registered User
Almost there.
I've sent a follow up PM in reply
11.03.2019 13:40 #6
Hi biebiebie,

I've just responded to your private message.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you require further assistance from our end.

Alternatively, if you need an instant response, you can also call our Customer Care line on 1749 from a Tesco mobile phone or on 089 420 0000 from a different handset.

Kind Regards,

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