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Customer care issues

02.03.2019 10:25 #1
@tescomobileire Hi

I was on 3 contracts with Tesco Mobile all of them moved to pay as you go from 30 November. Due to some issue all my direct debit was cancelled in December. But as my contract was finished I don't bother to renew them for Tesco.
Now I got 3 outstanding bills and information to call customer care to pay them what I done imidiately 14 the of February.
I was informed that my 2 bills are pending so cannot pay  them I need to call back at 22nd if they don't go through and they will be sorted than, so I said ok can I pay 3rd one we done it was 23,84 euro by debit card.
I called customer care at 22nd as was advised and was informed that all bills are already paid on 12 February what was strange for me but ok. After call just decided to double check this on Tesco chat and again different story was informed that all of my bills are pending and if they not gone through I need to contact customer care at 3rd of march.
I checked my statement as one of bills should be paid  and suprise no payment for Tesco Mobile for 23,84 euro but I have one for 20,50 euro what looks like not even loged on my account so probably I paid someone else bill.
On this stage I think customer care is usles as they don't know how to handle even basic tasks like pay outstanding bills so how they can help in more detail issue. I placed 3 tickets about my problem and really no solutions for now.
04.03.2019 10:56 #2
Hi Sebikn,

I do sincerely apologise for this! This is certainly not the experience we want our customers to have. In order for us to get this sorted for you, we'll need to get your account details.

Please send us a PM here with your name, address, mothers maiden name and the mobile numbers in question. We'll investigate this and get back to you ASAP.

11.03.2019 23:05 #3
What I see best is to avoid Tesco Mobile Private message sent and nothing new, customer care don't know how to cancel bill, payment is pending from month and nobody knows what to do .
I try to pay my bill from over month and Tesco is just charging me drawer fee what I don't understand as if your customer care don't know how to handle this issue don't think you should charged me extra for your mistakes as in first time when I called someone should take my number and when payment didn't go through call me to take manuall payment. Or it is the way of take more money for my bill ??
13.03.2019 08:54 #4
Hi Sebikn,

Apologise for all the inconvenience caused by this.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to discuss an account nor a payment on a public forum.

Due to this, we have requested you to contact us with your details via private message. We'll surely do our best to get the matter sorted for you.

Alternatively, if you need an instant response, you can also call our Customer Care line on 1749 from a Tesco mobile phone or on 089 420 0000 from a different handset.

Kind Regards,

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