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Electric radiators

09.02.2019 09:11 #1
I just bought my new apartment with electric heat. In the rooms panel heater the common area's storage heaters placed currently.
I would like to change them for newer more energy efficient heating system.
I lookedup and what I find is , they have this ATC electric radiators- but even the bigest is not suitable in a room bigger then 18 cubic metres.
Another one is the german electric radiators called Technoterm Lucht Lhz - these are seems to be decent enough.
Please share your experiences with this radiators. Im thinking to change mine to this geman one but I would like to hear some experiences, how much does it cost to run. I would appreciate for any advise.

More information about the radiators electricheatingsolutions ie
11.02.2019 09:48 #2
Hi butterfly022,

Thanks for contacting us on Talk To Electric Ireland.

Electric Ireland is an electricity/gas billing company, so if you are a customer and have an account query, do let us know here on Boards.

We do not have information regarding specific brands of heaters, however we recommend posting on the Electrical forum.

Best regards,
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