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Dingle Poor signal since this morning Fri 8Feb19

08.02.2019 14:31 #1
Registered User
I have 2 phone , with Tesco and both have a weak , or no signal since this AM. Confirmation SMS s from banks delayed for over an hour.

Sure need a bit of fixing
08.02.2019 17:11 #2
Hi dohouch,

Please send us a private message in here with your full name, phone number, home address and mother's maiden name to validate the account first.

We'll check the local coverage and advise further on this.

Alternatively, if you need an instant response, you can also call our Customer Care line on 1749 from a Tesco mobile phone or on 089 420 0000 from a different handset.

Kind Regards,

08.02.2019 17:23 #3
Registered User

Why not just check the network?

I'm living in Dingle I have 2 different Tesco phones, both PAYG . Are you sure you have my address, mother's maiden name,
Last edited by dohouch: 08.02.2019 at 17:33.
08.02.2019 19:58 #4
Hi dohouch,

I have suggested a private message to be sent out as we will need to take your exact location in order to check the nearby masts.

Also, once the account is verified, with your details, we will be able to check your account and current sim to narrow down the issue.

Please let us know as well the make and model of both phones and we can provide a full set of configuration settings.

Kind Regards,

10.02.2019 18:11 #5
Registered User
@Ileana. Thank you for your reply.  As I do not wish to get into a senseless to and fro, when I go to the trouble of reportng a network issue, I will let it this thread go dead now.  Am a Tesco customer for 3 0r 4 years, Upto last Friday all was well at my location in Dingle. As I have 2 phones running with Tesco SIMs, would you not think it worth investigating if both of them for the first time on the same day at the same time show poor connection signal and likewise non or delayed delivery of 2 different
bank confirmation SMSes. (from 2 different banks!!!
11.02.2019 09:25 #6
Hi Dohouch,

If you do change your mind please send us PM with your details and we would be happy to investigate this further for you.

11.02.2019 11:09 #7
Registered User
Network is back full strength and speed now.
11.02.2019 16:07 #8
Hi dohouch,

Glad to hear that's all working for you now.

Please don't hesitate to contact us back in here, if you have any other queries in the future.

Have a good day,

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