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Trying to cancel but on hold for 1hr 21mins to 1901

08.02.2019 14:14 #16
do any of the reps from eir check these boards still?
08.02.2019 14:18 #17
Reminds me of this episode of friends where Phoebe is on hold for hours....

Kate: Ya know, I gave up a part on a soap for this.
Joey: Wow! Yeah I, uh, I gave up a job too.
Kate: Really? What?
Joey: Uh, de-clawing cats.

Joey: Hey, Pheebs, where were ya?
Phoebe: I'm so, so, so sorry, Joey. I am definitely gonna see your play, I swear. Your play is very important to us. Thank you for your patience. Your play is the next play I'm gonna see.

Joey: What's going on? What's this about L.A.?
Kate: They still want me for General Hospital.
Joey: But... but what about us?
Kate: Last night was wonderful. But I can't stay here just for you.
Joey: Well, so... stay for the museums!

Monica: Phoebe, it's been two days.
Phoebe: Yeah, I know. Oh, good thing it's one of those 801 numbers, right?
Ross: Phoebe, 800 is toll free. 801 is... is Utah.
Phoebe: No, no, no, oh no, it has to be 800. Because all those big companies have 800 numbers, every.... Yeah, every big Utah-based company has one.
All: Hang it up! Hang up the phone!
Phoebe: Fine, fine! Uh oh!
Monica: What?
Phoebe: Well, I think I broke it. But that's all right, here's the number you can call.
08.02.2019 14:45 #18
never thought of the cost of 1901 - is it a low cost number?
08.02.2019 16:26 #19
Registered User
Originally posted by Martian Martin
3rd day of attempting to get through with no response after 41mins - no response here from any of the Eir reps either.

You will need to hold a lot longer than that at the moment. Usually 1-2hrs hours before you get through if ringing between 9am & 5pm.
(Best time I found to ring is just after 8am)
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08.02.2019 16:28 #20
Registered User
Originally posted by Martian Martin
do any of the reps from eir check these boards still?

To be fair they do when they can but they have limited ability to solve/answer everyone's problem on boards.
08.02.2019 16:44 #21
Sorry but expecting people to wait 1-2 hours on hold to cancel their account is utterly taking the piss.
08.02.2019 16:48 #22
09.02.2019 18:59 #23

You are much better off sending a registered letter to Eir right now.
There is a reason Eir even creates a template for this LOL
09.02.2019 19:18 #24
I rang because my bill went up by 10euros and wanted to ask why  I was on hold for about 30 minutes and decided to try the Web chat (another disaster)  They told me that my deal was up and eir decided to charge me 10 euros extra for this month and next month it would be 78 euros. I told them to cancel my contract he told me he couldn't that I would have to ring customer care who I was still on the phone to by the way to cancel  I looked for offers on the Internet and got sky for 30 euros for twelve months with the added bonus of them sorting out cancelling eir for me happy out
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12.02.2019 13:28 #25
No Eir reps at all, no?
12.02.2019 15:36 #26
Tried again today - waiting 49mins on hold before I got a message saying "We are experiencing issues connecting to our customer services" and then it hung up.

As I am trying to cancel with them but they are simply not answering at what point does this become straight up theft of the monthly direct debit?
13.02.2019 17:02 #27
another hour wasted on hold again today - what a f8cking joke
13.02.2019 17:11 #28
Currently on hold 1 hour 16 minutes...absolute joke!
14.02.2019 11:04 #29
Originally posted by Martian Martin
3rd day of attempting to get through with no response after 41mins - no response here from any of the Eir reps either.

Hi Martian Martin

As we continue to make many improvements to our contact centres, we are recruiting and training our teams across our new sites in Cork, Limerick and Sligo. These changes will result in a better experience for eir’s customers in the long term.   

While we go through this transition, we are facing longer than normal wait times in our Customer Care call centres, we appreciate your patience during this time.

You can find more information on cancellations here

Many thanks

~ Linzi
14.02.2019 11:09 #30
Ah, yet another tinned reply.


Amazing how it is practically impossible to engage in any sort of communication with a communications company.
Last edited by Niamh: 21.02.2019 at 14:46. Reason: Uncivil
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