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Reconnecting electricity on newly purchased house

01.02.2019 14:07 #1
Hello. I have spoken to a number of ESB and Electric Ireland agents regarding having the electricity reconnected on a house I have bought. 

I have the MPRN number and a letter which was left in the meter cupboard by ESB. There was also a contact number on the letter for 'Previous Supplier' which connected me to Electric Ireland. Unfortunately I haven't had any luck in speaking to anyone with how to go about reconnecting the electricity and placing the account in my name.
01.02.2019 14:45 #2
Hi DG1976,

Thank you for getting in touch.

If the disconnection occurred within the last six months, just take note of the meter-reading and register with the most recent provider (as that is the fastest way to be reconnected). To do so, phone Electric Ireland Customer Service on 01 8529534 (open until 8pm Monday to Saturday) and they will forward the reconnection order to ESB Networks, along with registering you. In this case, the reconnection should only take a matter of days. If you wish to remain with Electric Ireland, just request that the phone advisor then transfer you to Sales to avail of offers for having direct debit. The reconnection fee in this scenario is €79.45.

If the property is disconnected for more than six months and less than two years, an electrical contractor's certificate will be required before reconnection can be completed (an electrician's wiring check is obligatory at this point for safety reasons). This certificate is sent to ESB Networks by the electrician. When ESB Networks receive it, they contact the customer to arrange reconnection. In this case, it does not matter which billing company the customer registers with, as it will take the same amount of time for reconnection either way (likely a matter of weeks). The reconnection fee in this scenario is also €79.45. There may be an administrative charge from ESB Networks also.

If the property is disconnected for a minimum of two years, it is necessary to contact ESB Networks directly on 1850 372 757 as a new connection will be required. The customer can then register with their provider of choice once the MPRN for the new connection is generated.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Best regards,
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