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Closing Account fee

30.01.2019 08:08 #1
Hello there,

We received our two first bills recently. I've attached both of them to this thread (removing personal details obviously).

I understand the first one is the usage from Dec 10th 2018 to Jan 8th 2019 which is when we moved in, but I do not understand the second one. It is a 19 days bill and the billing period reads "Closing Account", it says we had to pay it by Jan 2nd but doesn't specify how to pay it? I don't think we need to pay for it, but we'd like to understand it. 


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30.01.2019 08:36 #2
Hi Lasai,

Thanks for your message.

For us to look into this for you, could you please send us a private message with the following details? Your full name, address, Electric Ireland account number, contact telephone number, confirmation you are the account holder (yes/no).

We can then look into this for you.

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