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Ludicrous bill

15.01.2019 15:34 #1
Hi, I have just gotten an electricity bill for code to 1500 euro for 2 months in a 3 bed appartment. Could you please tell me how this is possible? It seems quite a lot. Thanks.
15.01.2019 16:31 #2
Hi poisonated, 

We would like to look into this for you.

We need you to please send us a private message with the following details:

- Your name (as it appears on your account)
- Your address
- Your account number
- Your contact number
- Confirmation you are the account holder (Yes/No)

We can then check your Electric Ireland account.

15.01.2019 16:37 #3
Registered User
Got a bill off these clowns for 3.5k for two months a few years back. Absolute useless shower of idiots. It turned out to be a dodgy smart meter yet when we complained they put us thru to the credit department to work out monthly payments.

Not one person rang either my wife or myself to say, eh sorry about that.

Idiots of the highest order.
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16.01.2019 08:28 #4
Hi del roy,

We're sorry to read of your unhappiness with your customer experience.

If you have any current queries regarding Electric Ireland, please let us know. We would be happy to help.

16.01.2019 10:20 #5
Registered User
Much too late for me, the stress your staff put my wife and myself under was disgraceful, your staff that looked after this should be sacked, they would not look at any other angle only "WE MUST HAVE USED IT, SO PAY FOR IT".

It was myself that got in touch with Gas board to have meter checked, while we were waiting for results, letters and phone calls from yourselves asking when and how were we going to pay.

Then all of a sudden no letters or phone calls, WHY ? because Electric Ireland got the results back from Gas company stating the meter went crazy.
Not one letter or phone call from any of your so called "TRAINED STAFF" to tell us the meter went crazy and we are very sorry for the stress we caused both of you.

We actually had to ring up Electric Ireland and ask them, did they get a report back from Gas board about our meter going crazy and if they did, why did someone not ring myself or my wife to tell us, therefore ending the stress and worry about a €3.5k bill.

Your Electric Ireland colleagues could not care about the stress it caused us, they just covered their mistakes and there were lots of them.

Btw, now two years later no one from Electric Ireland has ever apologized.


The €3.5k bill was for a two month period where in the past our highest ever bill for two months was €326.00
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27.05.2019 13:39 #6
Registered User

How did you fare out with this problem.
26.06.2019 15:34 #7
I would like to know also as we are having the exact same problem.

 We are getting the same attitude from Electric Ireland as the OP got above.
"they would not look at any other angle only "WE MUST HAVE USED IT, SO PAY FOR IT".
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26.06.2019 16:01 #8
Hi stockshares,

Thank you for getting in touch.

In general terms, possibilities that we can explain for a higher bill include:

- If there is a series of consecutive under-estimated bills because of ESB Networks or Gas Networks Ireland not having access to the meter, when the meter is eventually read, the bill will be high because it will account for the difference caused by the under-estimates.

- A delay with the meter being read, and more time than usual between bills.

- Seasonal/weather changes leading to increased usage.

Also (albeit rarely), the incorrect meter-reading being taken down in error (this can be amended with the correct reading).

Otherwise however, if the meter is being read regularly and correct, and the time between bills is standard (approximately 60 days) the bills are correct and the units are being used. We have no way of knowing what is using the units as this is internal to the property - all we can tell is that they have been used based on the meter-readings.

A fault can cause an increase in consumption, in which cases we recommend that the customer contact the property owner or an electrician or registered gas installer.

If you would like us to review the Electric Ireland account in question, just private message me the account number, state for GDPR that you are the account-holder, and confirm your address and the telephone number on the account (all of us reps will receive this message).

We will then have all we require to review the account as soon as possible.

Last edited by Electric Ireland: Una: 26.06.2019 at 16:16.
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