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Can somebody pull the finger out and actually respond to my multiple issues posted?

11.01.2019 20:57 #1
Registered User
This is my 4th attempt to get something actually done about my internet connection which remains every bit as cack as it did 3 months ago when I first posted.
  • Line quality is rubbish and will never support fibre (Query 1)
  • QoS nonexistent and downstream unusable when any sustained upstream going on (query 2)
  • Promise to pass on to tech support which came to nothing (query 3)

Summary a of today:
  • Downstream SNR is permanently around the 7dB mark which is attrocious, upstream is usually 19 which is ok
  • Line attenuation both ways is under 20dB so is fine
  • The piece of wet string (probably literally) coming in the back of the house is about to be swamped by vegetation in neighbouring gardens of unoccupied premises to which I have no access
  • I generally have to reset the router at least once per day as latency usually skyrockets to >800ms rendering everything unusable. DSL connection then takes 1.5 minutes to establish, followed by anything up to 5 minutes for CHAP authentication to finally succeed. It takes usually a minimum of 6 minutes, up to 10 minutes, and sometimes a second or third reboot to establish a usable connection.

My baseline for continuing service with Vodafone is now a new line installation and fibre as I am severely peed off with the current service. If Vodafone still maintain that a line installation is impossible (utter tosh), then I'll take my business to a provider who will. Your call
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14.01.2019 14:08 #2
Verified representative
Hi there,

I have come back to you via PM and I will come back again once I have a further update

- Aoife
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