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Blocked sewer after water meter installation

11.01.2019 16:48 #1
A water meter was installed outside my house (8 Quay Street, Skerries) during December and while doing this the GMC crew dug up my front garden to access a sewer manhole without my permission and I don't even know why they needed to do this.
They then proceeded to allow a very large amount of earth to fall into the sewer, put the lid back on the sewer (the wrong way around) and then covered their mistake and said nothing. I've since had to dig up the garden again, excavate all this earth out of the sewer and despite freeing the flow of the sewer it has blocked again twice with what I can only assume is more earth further down the pipe that I can't access. Please advise:
(1) Why my garden was dug up?
(2) If you have a report of the works carried out and if it mentions this incompetent work?
(3) When you will be able to visit to perform a camera inspection of my sewer and ensure it is returned to 100% working order at your expense.
Many thanks,
11.01.2019 17:17 #2
Hi John,

Sorry to hear that you experienced this.

Please PM us with the following information:

- Your full name;
- Your full address;
- Your contact number; and
- The date when these works occurred.

A member of our team will be happy to look into this matter for you.

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