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Credit taken twice and not applied to account

07.01.2019 12:36 #1
Registered User
Hi reps,

On Jan 4th, I topped up for 15 euro through the Tesco Mobile iOS app. The payment returned an error. I checked that my balance had not updated (it had not) , and topped up again. This second 15 transaction did not return an error.

However, my credit has not been updated (it still shows 0.17) and I see from my bank that 15 euro has been taken from my account twice. Can you help to fix this, please?

Diziet (will follow up with a PM)
07.01.2019 16:17 #2
Hi Diziet,

Thanks for getting in touch!

As seen on our end, your message was already responded to.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again, should you have any other query in the future.

Have a good evening!

Kind Regards,

08.01.2019 10:18 #3
Registered User
All sorted - the new plan displays credit differently, which is why I thought it was not applied. Thanks for the quick response.
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