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Tesco Mobile pay as you go : 4G issues

05.01.2019 18:19 #1
I am a Tesco mobile prepay customer. I moved to 4G couple of months back. From that day onwards i'm either not able to make calls or not receiving any calls, most of the days. its saying no network available. what to do.
06.01.2019 13:56 #2
I have the same issue only restarting the phone helps the situation . Seriously thinking of switching to eir with their spacial offer of €15 fo 15gb a month .
07.01.2019 10:45 #3
Hi Guys,

This doesn't sound right. Let us look into this. Can you send us a private message with your full name, number, address, mothers maiden name and the make and model of your phone please?

07.01.2019 11:02 #4
Switched to 4g today, biggest mistake ever. Should have stayed on my legacy plan. Using 3g now as it's much faster.
08.01.2019 12:30 #5
Hi Shamboo1801,

Can you please send us a private message here with your mobile number, address and mother's maiden name?

Once the account is verified, we can look into your query and provide the correct settings if necessary.

Kind regards,

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