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Remove Nightsaver meter?

31.12.2018 15:53 #1
Registered User
I have just purchased a second hand holiday home which has a Nightsaver meter and storage heaters installed.

As we will not be using the property during the daytime and probably only at weekends, I don't see any sense in retaining the storage heaters and I have decided to install some Smart electric convector heaters instead that will provide heat only when needed e.g. in the early evenings.

I presume I would be better off therefore to get rid of the Nightsaver meter as well and just go onto the normal tariff? 
02.01.2019 08:19 #2
Hi there,

Thanks for your message.

Just to make you aware, there will be a change to your rate should you choose to change the meter type in the premises. At the moment, a Nightsaver meter charges a minimal fee for night usage, and a slightly increased rate for day usage.

We recommend calling our colleagues in the Electric Ireland Customer Services team on 1850 372 372. They would be in the best position to go through the exchange terms and conditions, as well as processing your request should you choose to change the meter.

They can be called from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.

We hope this helps.

1 thank
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