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Very poor speeds in Cork City Centre

07.12.2018 19:49 #1
I changed over from Eir recently and I'm using a Note 9. The switch over was all very smooth but I'm finding the speeds in Cork City Centre absolutely abysmal compared to Eir. Half the time I can't even stream Spotify - music just stops. I never had issues like that on my previous network.

Speeds are OK in less central locations but around Patrick's Street / Cork's central island and the general city centre area they're just very poor.

It's nothing to do with the phone or signal. It's getting good 4G+ but the backhaul seems congested. The 3G is basically unusable in the same area. I can't even get webpages to load.

Could someone please look into it? I assume there's a fault or temporary congestion?
10.12.2018 11:43 #2
Hi EdgeCase

Welcome to 3! :) I'll absolutely check this out for you. Can you send me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth? Also, can you let me know what times you're in this area and if the speeds there are consistently poor or if it's only poor at certain times of the day? Can you also let me know if the speeds are poor on both 3G and 4G and if turning on data roaming has helped at all?

We'll take it from there.

02.01.2019 14:52 #3
Registered User
Get used to it, Three speeds are generally pathetic once you are outside large urban areas
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