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How to revert to old 15euro preplay plan

15.03.2019 09:04 #46
Hi still queuing,

We're sorry to hear that you are leaving the network. If you ever have anymore Tesco Mobile queries or need our help with anything, please don't hesitate to get back in touch!

Many Thanks,
16.03.2019 04:07 #47
Registered User
Important that this is visible and not missed by Loyal customers conned by TMI 4G upgrade. 

Çarphonewarehouse / 3 Ireland are doing a special offer for Tesco mobile customers. €15 every 30 days for all calls texts and all u can eat 4g data. 30 day rolling contract valid for 12 months.

It requires a direct debit but it's 15e every 30 days.

Offer only available through car phone warehouse.
Hope this helps the rest of TM customers that were conned.
22.03.2019 16:59 #48
Thank you for the reply Ileana, I am sorry to hear that it's not possible anymore.
Frankly I am quite disappointed by apporach of Tesco Mobile as I found out there are quite a few customers like me who were misleaded into the "upgrade". Sadly, after being customer for years and toping up regularly, I will have to start looking for a deal that suits my needs more.

Kind Regards

Originally posted by Tesco Mobile: Ileana
Hi Seller25,

Since the start of November 2018, the plan change can no longer be submitted.

The only pre paid plan that we're currently offering is Simply Prepay 4G.

Apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

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