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Gas meter replacement.

29.05.2018 21:29 #1

I came home this evening and my gas isn't working. There is a postcard in the letter box saying gas networks Ireland were unable to replace the meter as they have no access. But the meter is outside and I didn't request a new one. My apartment is about 15 years old so is a new meter even needed already. Is there a map showing what meters are being replaced. I am in Kildare ton. Do I have to contact my own gas company or gas network Ireland to get the issue fixed.
29.05.2018 21:35 #2
Registered User
They are apparently replacing all meters with smart meters. I am getting mine replaced tomorrow. They contacted me several times and in the end sent me a letter saying they would cut me off due to safety issues if I did not get meter replaced. Did u not get any letters, mails or calls?? I ran mine for an hour and checked reading. I'm going to do same with smart meter to compare usage.
30.05.2018 09:29 #3
Hi mickmac76,

can you DM me your details please and I will look into this for you?

Many Thanks
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