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31.03.2020 09:53 #46
Verified representative
Originally posted by Vodkat
Hi, I paid my connection fee and sent back the form but haven't heard anything since.

Hi Vodkat,

Thanks for getting in touch and we're sorry to hear this.

Would you mind sending us a PM with the following details:

- Name;
- Address;
- Contact number; and
- New connection reference number

10.05.2021 16:06 #47

I am looking to get a water connection for a new build that is not started yet but cannot commence without being approved for connection. my question is when i am going through the online application it asks for two maps to be provided, do these have to be official land registry maps? or can i use maps used by the engineer for planning. Also when marking the spots where the connection should be, can i do this or does the engineer need to do this? 
13.05.2021 19:26 #48

Id like to try and get a water connection onto a site,  main purpose is to provide water for agriculture. There is mains connection on the road on which the site is located. Can you provide direction as to where I can apply for this, most of the application processes seem "domestic" related. Any advise appreciated.
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