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How should I start saving??

26.04.2018 12:50 #1
Well folks, 

i want to start saving a few quid out of the wages on a weekly basis but I also want full access to this money, i have full access to my accounts online etc.. So what would you recommend for me? 
27.04.2018 16:16 #2
Hi krustydoyle,

As our Savings accounts have different features and benefits; we are unable to advise you on this service which account may suit your needs best. Our Sales Team will be happy to discuss our range of accounts with you and fully advise on this. The Team are available on 1890 724724 (Monday-Friday from 8am-9pm and Saturday from 9am-6pm) or you can request a call back from the Team on this link:

This link will provide you with more info on our range of personal Savings accounts:

As this is our last time on, if you have any further general queries that we can help you with; our Customer Service Team are available on Facebook (AskAIB) and Twitter (@AskAIB).

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