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TY research project

26.04.2018 09:13 #1
Dear sir/madam

We are a TY mini company group and we have chosen AIB for our research project.
The project involves picking a company and investing 5000 euro into it.(virtual money)
We would like to know as much information about AIB as we can. Could you provide us with additional information via email, text or meeting.
We hope that you can help us.

Yours sincerely 
Danish Azhar
27.04.2018 16:22 #2
Hi Danish,

You can visit your local AIB branch and a member of staff will be happy to assist you with your query. You will find your local branch on this link: You may also find your required information on our website, please see here:

As this is our last time on, if you have any further general queries that we can help you with; you can contact us on Facebook (AskAIB) or Twitter (@AskAIB).

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