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Whats the fastest way to get a statement?

25.04.2018 10:28 #1
Registered User

Im trying to get a statement for my deposit account but I do not have online banking.
I don't have a debit card so I cannot register on the online portal.

Whats the fastest way for me to get an up to date statement?
Do I need to go into one of the branches or can I register for online banking some other way?

25.04.2018 17:33 #2
Registered User
Since no one appears to be answering here, I will throw up what I found.
I went to the branch and could only order an updated statement to be sent to my address.

As I do not have a debit card I cannot sign up for online banking.
The other option would have been to call the helpline to order an up to date statement. This would also have to be sent to the address on file
27.04.2018 16:40 #3
Hi Connavar,

Sorry for the delay in responding to you.

If you wish to register your Savings account for Online Banking, you can do so by calling our Customer Service Team 24/7 on 0818 724020. Once you have registered for Online Banking, you can then access any issued eStatements that are available to you online. 

As this is our last time on, if you have any further general queries that we can help you with; our Customer Service Team are available on Facebook (AskAIB) and Twitter (@AskAIB).

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