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Buying a car

22.04.2018 14:29 #1
Hi. If buying a car what are my options for paying the garage. If I go to a branch can they do a large transfer or give me a bank draft?
27.04.2018 17:12 #2
Hi Sixtoes,

If you hold a personal Debit Card, the overall daily transaction limit on the Card is €7,100. This is broken down into two transactions of €5,000 and €2,100. You can visit your local AIB branch with proof of valid ID if you wish to purchase a Draft or withdraw cash, alternatively you can contact the Garage directly and query if you can transfer the funds to them online or at your local branch.

As this is our last time on, if you have any further general queries that we can help you with; our Customer Service Team are available on Facebook (AskAIB) or Twitter (@AskAIB).

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