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cheque book

27.03.2018 16:00 #1
do KBC offer cheque books??
28.03.2018 11:21 #2
Verified representative
Hi tig22,
Thank you for your message.
KBC do not currently offer cheque books however if you wish to receive a cheque on your account we can issue one out to you by post.
To request this you would need to provide a signed written request which you can drop into any of the KBC hubs or you can post it to our head office: KBC Bank Ireland, Sandwith Street, Dublin 2.
Once your request is received you will receive the cheque within 3-5 working days.
Please also note we cannot issue a cheque from a deposit account to be made out to a 3rd party name as we can only do this is the cheque is coming from a current account.
1 thank
28.02.2019 08:37 #3

I've got a cheque book with PTSB and i'm considering switching to KBC and I note you don't offer cheque books.

I understand in Ireland there's a trend towards no cheque books.

We've used cheques, for boiler service, other tradesman bills, kids sports clubs, school 'contributions', and many situations where the payee doesn't carry a card processing kit or volunteer their SEPA details and we don't know the charge ahead of time.
Without a cheque book must we develop the habits:
  • How much will that be?   (to enable withdraw cash ahead of payment time)
  • May I have a receipt please? (given the loss of the cheque/cheque-stub as an implicit receipt/record)

I need to 'sell' moving to KBC to my wife (It means we'll no longer have a cheque book?), but I realise I don't know how to answer for certain how we manage the above situations without a cheque book.

Another one, buying a car I recall well exceeded our debit/credit card limits and PTSB SEPA daily limits - we wrote a cheque.
Perhaps KBC SEPA transfer daily limits, or debit card limits are capable of paying for a car?  Or do we need to arrange/order a cheque in advance from KBC and get organised like that or a trip to the nearest KBC kiosk to pickup a physical big lump of cash?

Is that it?  Perhaps SEPA is just easier with KBC than PTSB


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28.02.2019 11:26 #4
Verified representative
Good morning Cranium, thanks for getting in touch. KBC is  a cashless bank so we do not provide cheque books but if you would prefer to pay for something by cheque you can request a cheque by sending us in a written instruction.
The limit on your debit card per day is €2,500 for point of sales transactions and €700 for ATM withdrawals. The electronic transfer limit per day is €15,000 but you can only do €5,000 per transfer so if you wanted to transfer €15,000 you would need to do it in 3 transfers of €5,000. 
Hope this answers all your queries, if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our account opening team on 1800 51 52 53. Thanks,  Katie
28.02.2019 12:54 #5
Hi Katie,

Thanks for those answers.

What method would a typical KBC customer use to pay for a €20,000 car?


28.02.2019 14:21 #6
Verified representative
Hi Cranium, thanks for your reply. To pay for a €20,000 car you could request a cheque to be sent out to your home address. Alternatively, you could drop into one of our hubs who could process the electronic transfer for you or send us in a signed written instruction to KBC Bank, Sandwith Street, Dublin 2 requesting us to make the transfer for you. Thanks, Katie
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