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Issues with 4G mobile Broadband

14.09.2018 11:33 #121
Still having the DNS issues here, and I'm not seeing the higher speeds in the posts above.  Couldn't get to run last night, but here's a result now at 11.30 am.  I'm in Meath.

14.09.2018 11:37 #122
Oh I wouldnt worry about the speeds - they didnt last long, not for me anyways. Back to the normal poor service again and the DNS issues never disappeared. Same as you couldn't even run a speedtest last night as it couldnt find a server and had latency problems.
18.09.2018 09:54 #123
Hi all,

I've been with Vodafone Mobile broadband for over a year on the 30gb a month plan and never had any issues, top quality speeds you would expect from 4g. However about two months ago I changed to the 150gb plan and up to last week I had the same top quality speeds. As of last Friday I am in the same boat as everyone else. Barely able to open a website.

Spoke to the technical team yesterday and was told it's either congestion or maybe the weather. I live in a rural area of North Galway and there has been no mass immigration to the area in the past week. How can it be attributed to congestion all of a sudden?

Any quick question, a would a new sim have any impact on the speeds?
18.09.2018 14:58 #124
It will be attributed to whatever excuse they can come up with at the time. The speeds went off the chart the other night for everyone and then have reverted back to normal again with the same dns problems. There was no dramatic change in the weather or mass influx of people, these are just run of the mill responses. When everyone experiences a vast improvement at the same time across the country out of the blue and then it returns to the same crap service shortly after for everyone its quite clear there are some sort of shenanigans going on and its pretty disgraceful to be honest.

Today I tested the speed this morning and was getting around 20Mb which was usuable and the DNS seemed ok, an hour ago I was trying to work and having page loading issues, checked the speed and it had dropped to 7Mb..the weather hasnt changed and I dont see any new houses having gone up in the area since the morning. I also have been told previously I am in a black spot and there is nothing they can do about the poor service. Yet even though this isnt something I cant do anything about (I cant move the house) and something they cant do anything about they refuse to end my contract because in their eyes once I can get a service, no matter how crap it is they are fulfilling their agreement. But somehow even in this supposed blackspot I was able to acheive speeds of near 50Mb the other night when everyone elses went up, can achieve 20Mb at times and then the usual crap low speeds. So the blackspot must magically move around like a cloud and only be over my house at certain times, the same way the speed magically goes all the way up to 50Mb shortly after we are complaining on here and Darren is testing it and replies. It lasted a few hours then back to the same old rubbish as before and not a reply from vodafone on the matter since.
20.09.2018 21:37 #125
Originally posted by Lethean
so am.... yea,, i dont know whats going on,,, 

I assume it didnt last and service for you is back to its ususal awful standard?
24.09.2018 14:12 #126
Originally posted by Axwell
Originally posted by Vodafone: Darren
@Shane_o12 - Apologies, there has been no mention of any of these requirements to replicate the issue. Please ensure that any such criteria for testing are communicated in order to progress this. The device was also tested during the most common timeframe mentioned here (evening times from 7pm onwards) - your contention that it is actually happening randomly throughout the day is not in harmony with the other posts in this thread, and may indicate a different issue specific to your device.

@Axwell - It has been repeatedly emphasised (including by yourself) throughout this thread that the issue is not related to the location of the device but is due to an alleged DNS failure (As far as I'm aware, the location in the country that the connection is made from is immaterial to the performance of DNS). To clarify, is this issue actually location specific as implied in your post? If it is not location specific, then the place where it is tested should not affect the results.

Location of the device has never been mentioned nor has there been any emphasis made regarding it. The emphasis was on it not being specific web sites because your team have asked on more than one occasion for the names of the websites it happens on while also being told previously it is not specific websites but any.

As regards location if you are trying to replicate the issues then you should be trying to do so under similar circumstances. If you are testing it in an area where people dont have to use Vodafone LTE then the amount of users, network congestion etc which could also be impacting the services are not going to be the same. Any of the users of Vodafone LTE are rural customers in areas where everyone is using this or Three mobile, not in an area where people can get fiber broadband.

What information are you looking to find testing it yourself that is any different to that which has already been provided? People have sent you speed test results and ping tests showing packet losses. Are your networks team not able to investigate the individual accounts and do ping tests  and check these same things? If not, then when you are provided with these from the customer is that not proof enough there is an issue? 

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27.09.2018 13:29 #127
2 weeks and still no reply from Vodafone, great support..real stick your head in the sand and ignore it stuff as you just continue collecting money.
28.09.2018 07:33 #128
Registered User
Originally posted by Axwell
2 weeks and still no reply from Vodafone, great support..real stick your head in the sand and ignore it stuff as you just continue collecting money.

Ring them up and get them to cancel for not supplying the service stated on the contract. If they give you jíp, take it to regcom. They have to provide the service you are paying for...
28.09.2018 12:57 #129
Verified representative
Hi there,

We wish to advise you that it has been previousy advised that this has been tested on our side and we received no similar issues. We can also see that Darren has advised that if you are still in need of assistance with this to contact our Networks team on 1740 directly on an individual bases.

28.09.2018 13:03 #130
So you are just going to ignore the questions being asked or the responses to the questions Darren asked. Way to prove my point on the burying the head in the sand.
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29.09.2018 01:54 #131
Registered User
What a shocking.....
Actually no. 
It’s not shocking. It’s what those of us on this site have come to expect from  VF in response to a problem that’s been widely reported. 

Just letting folks know. My router received an update tonight. It now let’s me send sms/text messages. (Brilliant) It’s the first time I’ve ever got an update on this. and I do check regularly

As I said before my speeds have improved greatly prior to this,

But that response by Ailis above.
Jesus. �������� 
I’m embarrassed for them. 

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29.09.2018 02:46 #132
Great to be able to send sms messages off it, pity thats not what we are paying for it to do.
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29.09.2018 19:36 #133
Is anyone here tech savvy enough to make a video of the frustrating experience of trying to run a speed test at  I've been reloading and reloading trying to run a test for the past 10 minutes and haven't succeeded once.  A couple of the attempts gave me a list of speed test servers in mainland Europe - not a single Irish server on the list!  And the test didn't work with any of the European servers btw.  Reload again and the Irish servers are back.  Surely something is really screwed up when that happens?

Seeing as the VF reps apparently can't replicate this, can we show them what we have to go through in order to do the simplest things online?  Would a video drive the point home?

Here's a screenshot of the strange server list I just got:

Attached Images

29.09.2018 19:50 #134
They have been send speedtests and screenshots showing dropped pings. I asked a question two weeks ago and no one has been bothered enough to reply. Vodafone tested a router in an area capable of getting fibre and think that is a comparible test to the issues experienced on here.

They keep trying to refer people to the networks team who will just go through the same script. There has been no attempt to do anything about this and its clear there isnt going to be. Joke of a company and its quite clear as long as the money is coming in they dont care. Waste of time posting here, so much so that when ai have said that before Vodafone havent even cared or upped their game to try resolve these issues.

Multiple people across the country with the same issue but because Darren apparently tested it in his house and didnt have those problems sure everything must be grand and there are no issues, pathetic. Well like the problem the thread isnt going to go away and I suggest people keep posting about the issues they are experience here so the page stays at the front so any other poor unfortunate thinking of signing up thinks twice about it.

Also there is if you want to file it there instead of the going in circles that happens here.
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29.09.2018 20:42 #135
FWIW, I just turned on the WiFi hotspot on my phone (also on VF), which barely gets 1 bar of 3G indoors, connected my laptop to it, and I successfully ran a test on the first attempt.  It was slow, but everything loaded without issue. Just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, I ran 5 more tests. All completed successfully.

Connected back to the B3500 router which is showing 3 bars of 4G, and now I can't even load the site properly.

Two devices - phone and 4G router - same house, both on the VF network, same laptop running the tests.  All tests done within a couple of minutes.

Would a rep have an explanation for this?
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