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Very poor TV Hub. Plus V6 box STIL not available in Ireland?

21.11.2019 13:36 #211
Sky have a great offer at the moment. I've been enjoying Sky Q immensely now for 6 months after breaking my contract with VM as TV box not fit for purpose. Don't stick around waiting for something that is never gonna happen, and is unlikely to be anywhere near quality of Sky Q.
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26.11.2019 18:53 #212
Have cancelled Virgin tv and broadband. Moved to sky. Too long waiting on the never arriving updated Virgin box. Would advise anyone on similar position to cancel. They’ll promise you new box on the way etc. all lies
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28.11.2019 17:36 #213
Well...Guess they can’t say “watch this thread” anymore

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28.11.2019 19:29 #214
Registered User
Good riddance
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02.12.2019 12:55 #215
Guess they got fed up trying to avoid the question about providing fit for purpose hardware.

The solution get rid of this board.

Let customers ring the Philippines and be told to do a factory reset from a person who had never seen a Horizon box.
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