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Queued no longer means queued (500MB data addon)

14.08.2017 10:52 #1
I'm on Prepay and I've been purchasing Internet addons for more than 5 years. These addons give you 500MB data and last for 30 days.

There is also an option to "queue" these addons, so there is only one active and in the event the active addon runs off or expires, the next addon "in queue" would become active and so on. Straight forward enough.

So a few days ago I was surprised when my active addon run off, and then the queued addon became active (all normal up to here) but with an expiration date of 12 days, not 30. Interesting enough, that was exactly 30 days after the purchase date.

So I called Three to explain, convinced this was an easy to understand glitch in the system. How wrong was I... on the "easy to understand" part specifically. More than 30 minutes in the phone to explain something as simple, all to no avail. Well, at the very end and in the 6th attempt it seems the agent kind of understood what the issue was, but then she sentenced with "that's all normal, the date of purchase is the date of activation".

She even told me she would read the T&C, which in no place whatsoever stated that the date of purchase was the same as the date of activation for queued up addons. Something that logic says it's nonsensical.

Anyway, I'm not expecting Three to fix the issue in their system (which came after they renamed the addon to "... in the Republic or Ireland", to maybe bypass the new EU regulations), or even right the wrong here. So just a word of advice to anybody who, like me, uses these Internet Addons to be careful and NOT queue them.
18.08.2017 12:48 #2
I've been trying to escalate this issue with Three and it seems your customer service is simply clueless.

Agents telling me now that the Internet Addon cannot be queued and never could be queued, despite evidence that this has been the case for years and continues to be the case, just that this particular instance the system failed to calculate the expiration date properly.

Seriously Three, what kind of training do you give to your Customer Service agents? Next time they'll tell me Three doesn't "do calls" when I have a problem making one.
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