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Tesco mobile data roaming not working in Poland

31.07.2019 13:54 #151

I cannot make calls (always network busy signal regardless of a number dialed), the mobile data and receiving calls works ok to my huge surprise (galaxy s10). My wife can't either make or receive calls, no issues with mobile data though... (xperia xz1).

tescomobile is a BUNCH OF COWBOYS!

Defo switching networks once back in Ireland. Enough stress with fiascomobile!
31.07.2019 14:06 #152
Hi seb1k.

Apologies to hear about the issues you are having. We would be more than happy to have a look into this if you'd like to send us a PM 

Just to let you know, if you need an instant reply, you can also contact us through the service "Chat Now" from our website, where you can speak live with an agent.

01.08.2019 21:10 #153
Just to let you know - you did not reply to pm :)

Just to let you know #2 - live chat is a joke, all an agent can do is to type/copy-paste? "sorry, it appears we experience issues in Poland and our technicians are working to resolve it. Please check this chat again in few days..." :)

Just to let you know #3 - don't bother :)

02.08.2019 13:21 #154
Hi seb1k,

Unfortunately, we haven't received a PM from you through Boards. I would advise to use the link provided above by Erica or use any of our other platforms to get in contact, we would be more then happy to help.

I understand the frustration with this issue but I can assure you we are treating this as an urgent matter.


05.08.2019 15:35 #155

In Spain and I have no data. 

Samsung galaxy s7.

I have tried the liffey telecom stuff but no luck. 

Can you please help me? 


06.08.2019 10:51 #156
Hi simonbotron,

Sorry to hear about the issues you are having.

Can you follow the below process on your phone;

SIM Toolkit - (App with a little cogwheel next to it called Tesco Mobile) - When Abroad - Select Mode – Manual – National.

After this, please go to Settings/ More/ Mobile Networks/ Network Operators/ Automatic

Once the above settings have been configured please restart the phone.

06.08.2019 11:57 #157
That worked thank you Erica
29.08.2019 08:03 #158
I can not believe that TESCO still has not resolved his issue. This is now 3 years since someone opened this thread. 

My wife and my child are in Poland, and trust me that you do not want me to go to too much details of how much problem your miserable service caused us. 

You must provide better help than just copy and past APN. This simply does not work.

I have strong feeling as there are no TESCO mobile in some countries that you have no commitment in solving this issue.
Tesco needs to pay some charges to use infrastructure in the particular county, and as they have no operating service there, they are not making any profit. 

I am extremely disappointed and would advise anyone traveling abroad to be prepared for the trouble. Prior departure change the operator from TESCO to someone else, but keep the number. 
It's a pity that you only find out that the service does not work when you are already abroad, and then you try to find solution, wasting your time rather than enjoying your holidays. Thanks to TESCO MOBILE.
Last edited by ciusiek: 29.08.2019 at 08:10.
29.08.2019 12:32 #159
Verified representative
Hi Ciusiek,

We're very sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had. Can you please confirm if this is a specific data issue or are they experiencing issues with calls/texts as well?

Can you please let us know the make/model of the phones in question and we can help out? If you would prefer to send these details in a PM, please feel free to do so -

30.08.2019 10:26 #160
Hi Luke, 

I rater use this thread so someone else can use the solution if the problem is solved. 

it's SAMSUNG GALAXY 4 MINI / GT-19195 

The phone is unable to find Tesco mobile network in Poland. There are only polish mobile operators available.
No phone calls/ internet / messages as the phone is unable to register to Tesco mobile as it's not listed. 

I tried all what was suggested in the previous responses.

31.08.2019 11:17 #161
In Italy now and having lot of problems since I arrived. The solutions given before do work but only for a short amount of time. It's like the connection resets and then drop to 2G, so it's basically unusable. I'm connected to 3G now but it's very likely that in 30 minutes I won't be able use Internet again.

It's a shame that for 15€ this is the quality of the service and I'm starting to wonder how compliant to EU regulations this is. Calling it "a technical issue" to maybe hide the fact that they want to limit roaming won't be seen nicely by the regulators.

And to finish, a user shouldn't need to delete apn, add them again, restart the phone multiple times to have a data connection.
02.09.2019 10:52 #162
Hi Flyb4ck,

Thanks for getting in touch with us. We're sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues. Please send us a PM here with your details and we'll certainly check this and make sure everything is okay on our end.

Many Thanks,
02.09.2019 23:25 #163

Data roaming currently isn't working in France. I've tried removing and adding APN and no joy.

03.09.2019 12:42 #164
Hi dickangel,

I'm very sorry to hear you are also experiencing issues while roaming. We can definitely do our best to resolve this for you. Can you please send us a message here with all of your details including your mobile number and make and model of your phone please.

03.09.2019 12:48 #165
Hi ciusiek,

I understand your frustration with this issue. We hold no restrictions over data or network connection in Poland. If your family members have tried all the settings above I think it may be best for them to contact us directly through this service or through our webchat on our website. We can have a look into their accounts individually to ensure all of the services are activated and settings are correct.

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