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What is going on with Banking 365 and realtime balances?

14.04.2017 14:28 #1
I can no longer trust the B365 on line or telephone services for an accurate balance.

For the last two days I have received 6 different balances each time on log on, transactions that were fully posted to the account have now dropped off the account altogether. The transactions include POS tap debits, chip and PIN purchases, and most worrying of all, ATM transactions.

At start of day today my balance was €404, now I look at it tells me that it is €470. I know myself that both balances are incorrect, as it does not include two POS transactions which were included in the balance figure given to me yesterday, and now have disappeared off the transactions screen. I have been charged €3.50 over-limit fees twice this month due to unauthorised overdrawn balances, on both occasions, the balance at the beginning of the day showed sufficient credit balances.

What is going on? Are shadow postings not being processed properly or is this a deliberate policy by BOI to harvest overlimit fees? I am worried that if I use my card today that adequate funds are not there to meet the transaction when it is posted to the account. If I take out cash at a non-AIB ATM, when will this be debited to my account? THis is a long weekend as well, and if there is a backlog of data to be processed on Monday night, where will that leave us? If there are not clear batch processing times for electronic transactions, we might as well go back to writing cheques at this rate....
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15.04.2017 09:39 #2
It's mad - I have had 4 different balances this weekend too. My Leap Auto-Up was rejected with a charge of 12.70 (and the necessity to post it back to Leap to get unblocked) as my balance read 29.70 (and wouldn't accept a 30.00 topup), earlier that day it read over 2000 euro and later that day the balance returned. Still had to pay the 12.70 fee. Stuff disappearing all the time and reappearing days later. 
Then I get the quarterly 'notified fees' and have to laugh... seriously thinking about putting in the effort to change direct debits etc and switch current account.
15.04.2017 09:56 #3
Registered User
This is happening constantly. Transactions occurring immediately and then disappearing and coming back again leaving false balances and can leave people running up unnecessary bank fees. BOI are very bad for this something needs to be done about it.
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15.04.2017 10:06 #4
It's driving me crazy. Checked my balance last Friday morning. Got my husband to put 25 euro in for me so that my car insurance could come out. Checked that night and BOI had charged me 12:70 cause they took other stuff outta my account that I didn't know about so my car insurance wasn't paid. Car insurance will charge me 15 for it not being paid added with the 12:70 from bank it's sickening considering the insurance is about 43. Wouldn't mind if I hadn't checked to see how much I needed to go in. Can't wait to leave BOI
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15.04.2017 10:12 #5
Registered User
This keeps happening on my Ulster bank account too, bought a pair of headphones last week, money was taken out, then money sent back later that day, 5 days later the money disappears from my account again.

When you have a few transactions like this it can completely mess with your head and leave you all over the place with your true balance.
15.04.2017 10:23 #6
Hi all, 

Thanks for your posts here. 

We're sorry to hear that the balance or transactions on your accounts are not showing as up to date. Please note that contactless transactions you have made with a Visa Debit card may take some time to show on your account so please make sure to account for this if you are using your card. When transactions appear on your 365 Online as "In Progress" when you are logged in through the website, these will be debited from your balance and update your account with your new available balance. When the pending transactions update they will appear in your completed transactions. Transactions appear as completed once retailer fully processes the transaction, we do not have any control over when the retailer does this.

Without viewing your accounts here we would be unable to clarify what may be causing this delay. For clarification on your transactions, we would advise you to query this by sending a message on 365 Online through the Ask a Question option on the Service Desk. A representative with account access can go through your transactions and advise you further. Alternatively you can call our BOI Direct team on 0818 365 365 between 8am and midnight Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm on weekends. 

15.04.2017 10:32 #7
Time to Talk to Joe.  There's no-one going to look at this in Cabinteely until at least Wednesday.....
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15.04.2017 13:19 #8
Registered User
Originally posted by Stroke Politics
Time to Talk to Joe.  There's no-one going to look at this in Cabinteely until at least Wednesday.....

Cabinteely? You mean Noida New Delhi India
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15.04.2017 13:56 #9
But why are we penalised the 12.70 if you know this is going on?! Is there no way to set up an overdraft for, I don't know, 50 quid, for things like this happening?
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15.04.2017 16:47 #10
Originally posted by mrsmags16
But why are we penalised the 12.70 if you know this is going on?! Is there no way to set up an overdraft for, I don't know, 50 quid, for things like this happening?

Should be no need for an overdraft. All I want is a trustworthy, realtime balance of POS and ATM transactions, with batchrun standing orders and direct debits processed overnight....
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15.04.2017 20:22 #11
Registered User
No idea of my balance at this stage as it's all over the place . Tranactions made last week still not showing etc . Just checked here to see if this was explained when I came across this thread .
15.04.2017 20:54 #12
The only way i can keep track is by doing it myself manually

It's crazy altogether during long holiday periods ,you could be waiting a week to know your real balance
15.04.2017 21:06 #13
Registered User
Also having this problem...huge fluctuations on my account and not always from contactless debits show as been taken out and money gone...
A few hours later money back into my account...ATM and cash back transactions not showing up for days...impossible to know exactly what my balance is.
15.04.2017 21:16 #14
Registered User
Things have really slackened on 365. I am particularly fed up with the delay in transactions appearing online. This used to be a lot more up to date. 
15.04.2017 22:27 #15
Registered User
People are getting charged for unauthorised overdraft items when they wouldn't be able to overdraw only because the bank are not keeping the correct balances surely this is wrong and has to be reported?
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