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Billed twice for one month.

20.03.2017 15:59 #1
Hi Airtricity,

I'm on "Budget Pay", so as you know I pay a fixed amount each month- which is then adjusted accordingly to my actual usage every 4 months.
In March I had a lot of expenses, but I left enough money in my account to pay Airtricity bill, unfortunately I wasn't anticipating an increase for that month, so of course the Direct Debit was declined...

I got a message that another attempt will be made within 5 days, so I waited, but after 5 days no attempts were made, so I went and paid the bill myself, through your website.
And then a Direct Debit came out...
So I ended up paying twice for one month.

Can you please confirm, that the extra money I paid, will be used to cover the next month's bill?

21.03.2017 10:11 #2
Hi Matt,

Sorry to hear that this has happened.

Can you please forward on your account number and I will look into this for you straight away?

21.03.2017 10:33 #3
Hi Matt,

Can you please PM me with these details and delete the public post with your account details for data protection reasons?

I will certainly look into this for you and reply to your PM.

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