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Talk to Three - support hours and forum charter - updated

03.03.2017 16:53 #1 Community Manager
Welcome to the Talk to Three forum at We're delighted to have hosted a forum here since Nov 1, 2010.

Three’s Social Media Team will be here to answer questions about your account and about how you can get the most from being a Three customer from 10am to 6pm Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).
Introducing the team at Three:

Three: Rachel
Three: Brogan
Three: Joolz
Three: Bob
Three: Julie D
Three: Fiona R

From Three themselves:
Why are Three here on Boards?
Three is Ireland’s largest high speed network and is the fastest-growing mobile operator in the country. Three is committed to innovation and leading the way in the industry. At Three we’re interested in providing convenient, accessible support to customers. Having a presence here on has allowed us to do that since 2010. We’re here to join in your conversations about Three and help out where we can!
Your feedback is invaluable in improving the products and service that we offer, we listen to everything you say and ensure that your voice is heard. We won’t comment on your opinions but we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Join the Three Community.
We’ve recently launched our new Three Community, it’s a great place to find support, information and lots of helpful hints on all things Three. Feel free to click here and join the conversation.

All the usual forum guidelines apply in this forum. Personal abuse will not be tolerated.

Important to note too that the team will not always be in a position to answer every question immediately, they have internal processes to follow, so please be patient.

Three have no deletion or editing privileges on your posts or theirs on this forum.
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