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Paperless Statements

11.07.2019 11:19 #76
Not gonna lie. I'm very tempted to change my address on the KBC app to one of their hubs. :pac:
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15.07.2019 15:51 #77
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Originally posted by Selenophile
Originally posted by El Cabron
Im amazed this thread is still rolling on approx 3 years later, has over 6000 views and KBC have taken no action. 
I ended up closing my account and then subsequently moved my mortgage to another bank that does offer paperless statements. 
Funnily enough when I  was asked why I was closing the account and I told the person at the hub the reason was because KBC couldn't/wouldnt surpress statements and go paperless. 
I was told that it was in the pipeline, paperless statements would be rolled out shortly and I shouldn't close my account for that reason. 
That was about 2 years ago. 
Obviously the person at the hub was `mistaken'. 

I guess this thread will be very hot around July, when all those Ulster Bank customers that are currently so happy for moving to KBC, receive their statements and figure out that they can't go paperless.

Prediction spot on, just left Ulster and dumbfounded to find out I can't go paperless.
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