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Top 5 Gas Safety Tips You Need To Know

02.02.2017 14:32 #1
Gas Networks Ireland operates the national natural gas network on behalf of all gas consumers and suppliers. Safety is the top priority at Gas Networks Ireland, so whether you're buying a new house, going on holidays, or renovating your existing home, here are some top tips in gas safety, including important contact details you need to know.

1. Servicing:
Have your boiler and other gas appliances serviced annually. If you are concerned that an appliance is not operating safely, or your appliance is not in good working order, have a safety inspection carried out by a Registered Gas Installer.

2. Home Improvements:
Get professional advice about your gas appliances and pipework before beginning any home improvements. This can include information on ventilation and flueing, how to dig safely in or around your property, sufficient boiler capacity if adding more radiators and the national standards that works must be undertaken to.

3. New appliances:
It is recommended that when you are purchasing a new or replacement boiler or water heater that you choose a room-sealed appliance. In a room-sealed appliance, fresh air for the combustion comes from outside the building and emissions are then discharged outside as well. The air in the room where the appliance is fitted is therefore not used or affected by the appliance.

4. Holidays:
Make sure that gas appliances are turned off if you are going on holidays. In very cold weather you can leave the central heating operating on a low setting to stop water pipes from freezing while you are away.

5. Gas Meter:
Know where your gas meter is located and make sure that you have access to it in case of an emergency where you might need to turn the gas supply off. You can see how to do that here. This includes pruning any overgrown trees or bushes near the meter as well as ensuring that you have a meter box key in a safe, easy to find place. If you do not have a meter box key, one can be requested from Gas Networks Ireland by calling 1850 200 694 or visiting

Useful contacts:
If you ever smell gas call Gas Networks Ireland’s 24 hour emergency service on 1850 20 50 50 immediately, no matter who your gas supplier is.

To find a Registered Gas Installer in your area, call 1850 454 454 or visit the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland website

If you intend to carry out home improvements that involve excavations, please email or call Gas Network Ireland's ‘dial before you dig’ number on 1850 427 747.

You can read more about gas safety in your home here:

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