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23.11.2016 10:40 #1
Hi everyone,

Below are some FAQs (which we will update/add to periodically should the need arise) addressing queries that tend to resurface from time to time on our forum. We thought it would be helpful to compile them all in one place.

You can also find the Contact us section here on our website.

23.11.2016 10:42 #2

Why wasn't my meter read? According to my bill, my usage was 'estimated'.

ESB Networks plan to read your meter four times a year, so in a twelve-month period, customers can expect two estimated meter readings. Note that this number may increase if there are difficulties in gaining access to the meter (e.g. locked gate/meter is inside and there is nobody home).

I just want to pay for what I've used - how can I have my bill adjusted?

You can ring 1850 372 372, email us, or adjust your bill through your Electric Ireland Online Billing account. For information on your meter and how to go about reading it, click here.

How is my bill so high all of a sudden? My last few bills were nothing compared to this!... Help!

Your previous bill(s) may have been underestimated. For customers who are hit with large bills after a series of consecutive estimates, we understand it may be difficult to pay all at once. Please contact us to arrange a payment plan if this is the case. We also offer an app called My Energy Pal. All you need to do is download our app, then simply create your profile; add your appliances and the My Energy Pal app will show you where you can save money. You may also find the Home Services section of our website useful, which provides you information in relation to boiler servicing, heating system repair and Energy Efficiency Incentive.

But why were the estimates so off?

Estimates are based on past usage patterns. For example, if there is a regular turnover of tenants/occupants at a property, these patterns would then be subject to greater variability, which in turn may lead to inaccurate estimations. Recently built properties, or those with a newly installed meter, may also be subject to estimations out of kilter with actual usage. In such cases, more time will be needed to establish a reliable pattern.
23.11.2016 10:49 #3

What's the difference between the NightSaver Meter and the Night Storage Heating Meter?

1. The NightSaver meter divides all of your electricity usage into 'day' and 'night'. The cheaper night-rate comes into effect from midnight until 9am in summer-time, and 11pm to 8am in winter-time. For more information on unit prices/standing charges specific to this tariff, see here.

This meter is free to install, but bear in mind that the NightSaver tariff is only beneficial if you use at least 24% of your total usage within the designated night-rate hours. That would equate to using about three to four units per night, where you have average annual usage of approx. 5,300 kWhs. (If you're not sure what would use up that amount of units, our My Energy Pal app may be of help.

However, there may be a charge should you wish to revert back to the 24hr meter.

2. The Night Storage Heating Meter is, as the name suggests, specifically designed to cater for Night Storage Heaters, and would be installed additionally as a standalone meter (the NightSaver meter, on the other hand, would replace a 24hr meter).

This type of meter is not free to install, and can only be used in conjunction with Night Storage Heaters. The reduced rate applies solely to the night storage heating.

If you're interested in exploring either of these options, you can phone our colleagues on 1850 372 372 to arrange an appointment. We are unable to arrange any appointments here on Boards, but would be able to advise in relation to any cost that would be involved in exchanging your meter. If you would like more information, please contact us here on the Talk to forum or send us a private message. We would be happy to help.
23.11.2016 10:54 #4

I'm a little confused about the difference between you guys and ESB Networks. Can you explain please?

ESB Networks is the independent Distribution System Operator for Ireland. It operates and maintains the national grid, and provides connection and metering services for all electricity customers.

So when would I need to contact them?

You would need to contact ESB Networks if:
  • You need to report an electrical fault or emergency
  • You have no power (see the following link What to do if there is a Power Cut)
  • You are building a house and are looking to get connected to the grid (see here)
  • You need your electricity meter moved
  • You need underground cables/overhead lines/poles moved
  • You need to know the location of underground cables (see here)
  • You are experiencing voltage problems (see here)

The above list is not exhaustive by any means, but it does cover the most common scenarios in which we get mixed up with Networks. Their full contact details are outlined here.

As a general rule of thumb, Networks look after the physical side of things, while suppliers such as ourselves look after billing (this is a simplification of course, but holds good for the majority of situations).
23.11.2016 11:02 #5

What is the 'PSO Levy'?

The Public Service Obligations (PSO) Levy, determined by the CER (Commission for Energy Regulation), is charged to all electricity customers irrespective of the supplier they are with. It relates to the recovery of any additional costs associated with meeting the obligation to purchase electricity generated from sustainable, renewable and indigenous sources.

Where can I find a general breakdown/explanation of the terms used on my bill?

You can find a sample electricity bill and sample gas bill on our website.

Alternatively, have a look at the following video:

23.11.2016 11:05 #6

I heard something about you doing work on peoples' houses? Is this just for your own customers?

Our Home Services Programme is what you are referring to, and the good news is that it's not just for our own customers. It is available nationwide to all home owners, irrespective of their chosen energy supplier.

Home Services is the total one-stop solution to your home energy needs, offering the complete range of energy efficiency upgrades at very competitive prices; products include

You can read more about our various offers and services here.

The Home Services team brings all the required expertise to your home, from the simplest to the most detailed energy improvement measures, with the guaranteed assurance of quality and trustworthiness that we have always delivered.

For a quote call a member of the team today on 1850 372 333, or drop them an email. Hours of contact are from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
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